The forest guardians aim to stop illegal loggers who are rapidly diminishing their forest lands. Without any support from the government, they patrol one of the last remaining rainforests in the state of Maranhão, east of the Amazon in Brazil. The Guajajara also share their land with the Awá, one of the last uncontacted people in the world, who are under great threat.

Poor equipment, no pay and the constant threat of the logging mafia does not deter them from standing up for their land. But their work is dangerous. Olimpio, the leader, has a price on his head.

THIS IS OUR EVERYTHING tells the story of a people whose world is crumbling around them. For Olimpio and the forest guardians there is more at stake than the environment - the forest is at the very heart of their culture and identity.

"The native fruits that we have here on our land, the wild animals that we still have here in the forest - this here is our everything."

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